Let’s Get Waisted & Tap Into Feminine Energy!

  • Let’s Get Waisted @ Everyday Nutrition

    by Phree Tha Truth and Markesha Payne



    Let’s Get Waisted & Tap Into Feminine Energy!

    With Auntie Phree and Kesha of The Boss Chick Dance Workout!

    We making waist beads and talking femininity!

    Gonna do some inner work to tap in!



    Who would like to attend this event?

    What you wanna talk about? What questions do you have? Why is it hard for you to be in your feminine nature?

    Oh did I mention we gone twerk a little bit and open their chakras!!

    Plus some other things just for us ladies ??


    Happy Healthy Healing Tribe and Boss Chick Dance Workout AZ collaboration coming!

    We will have vendors, networking, wine, and good vibes!!