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2020 Vision

As we are wrapping up 2019 and head in 2020 it's time to make some assessments with life! Time to look around and do some evaluations of the people around you.. Your goals and plans. How much did you get accomplished?

What didn't happen? If not why? Sometimes we get so caught up in people it distracts you from your plans. However, this is the time to know where to put your time and energy. Many people won't say anything when you are falling short cause they are falling short too! They won't remind you bout the things you committed because they aren't doing the things they committed too! 

Life will have you stagnant and comfortable being mediocre because of the people around you! You gotta have people who push you! People who do wellness checks on you cause they know you've been working hard for your goals. So it's okay to fallback to get a better view of who is supporting you and your progress! Look at the people closest to you that's a reflection of where you are going in life! Don't be afraid to change your circle in order to be great! 

You gotta be able to make changes and sacrifices in order to level up! 


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