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It's Been Too Long Since I've Dated

Transparent moment.
I really sat and thought about the last time I openly dated someone. It's been nearly 10yrs. When you take the time to look back and see you've never really gotten all of what you wanted out of a situation or you settled for "talking" and it never develops into something more meaningful. It makes you reexamine what you have been through and have tolerated. I place blame on no one nor am I seeking a mate right now. I'm just thinking of the things I deserve and taking accountability on my side in order to get it. It took me a long time to know my value and no longer deal with bargaining for those who aren't able to reciprocate my worth.
I love myself too much to settle again. I want to Love out loud.
I want my man to not be scared to be called a God! I'm ready for adventures in my Love. I want to give my heart and trust he protects and values it. I want to share my life! Support and motivate each other! Open a business or two together! Build our empire for the next generation! Travel and experience life! Someone I can hold and speak life into! And vice versa! 
I'm just speaking it to the Universe. Somebody's Son will see me and know I'm what he's been looking for and won't play or waste time with me. Just reflecting and correcting. Being better than yesterday!
To all the people who are struggling with loving themselves as is. Take time look in the mirror and I say I love you. You don't have to be perfect just keep pushing forward till you get your breakthrough! You deserve it!

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