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The Body Battle

Seems like most my life I battled with loving my body!
Just the other day my mom shared pics of my childhood and like many I had the chubby stage in grade school.. then junior high I start developing making me uncomfortable with my body.. then in high school I felt fat because my dance class was a bunch of skinny girls.. (looking back at my H.S. pics I looked amazing) after high school I still felt fat and undesirable. Then I had my two girls and got stretch marks and a "muffin top" reflecting seems like I was never happy in the body I have.. then I realized I was never happy with me! As much as people would tell me I'm beautiful, I didn't believe it.. not til now!
I had to do some deep soul searching and find me!
I had to be happy with All of me!
Not just my shell!
Not just my body!
I had to conquer my inner bitch!
I had to learn to love myself again!
I had to learn me again!
Had to learn to appreciate me!
And I'm all the better for it!
Learning to accept my imperfections and allowing myself to be a masterpiece and work in progress gave me the freedom-loving myself as is!
My health is something I work on daily in one way or another! Small changes daily!
No, I'm not Supermodel or have a six-pack however I'm doing better than this time last year. I eating better and making time for more physical activity!
To all the people who are struggling with loving themselves as is. Take time look in the mirror and I say I love you.. you don't have to be perfect just keep pushing forward till you get your breakthrough! You deserve it!

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